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Who is answering the questions in the question/answer section?

Verified lawyers who specialize in the same area of law that your question pertains to will answer it. Remember, this is a public site and other people will see your question, so do not mention real names, post private information or reveal confidences. The website does not give legal advice, cannot ensure accurate answers and accepts no responsibility for information or opinions expressed in this section.

Who can see the questions I’m asking on the website?

Anyone with a computer and Internet access can see your questions. Remember, this is a public site where everyone can see your question, so please do not reveal confidences or include real names or private information. In general, the information you should provide is your name, email address and question, without private details.

How does the question/answer section work?

Registration is required to post a question. Registration is FREE! An email is required because we have to make sure real people are posting questions.

How does the search feature work?

When you use the search feature on our website, results are displayed according to the various filters that you choose, including geographic location, area of law, language spoken and price. You can edit your search preferences anytime using the refine search window at the left of the screen. Lawyers who have attained the highest level of service and have the highest badge are displayed first, with others following.

What does Top 10 mean?’s Top 10 lists rank the best lawyers in different legal specialties and in each city, state or country. Only licensed lawyers are eligible for the lists, which are based on multiple criteria including how long a lawyer has been in practice, their specialty, professional achievements, percentage of cases lost and won and other factors.

How does list a job work

In order to list a job, you must first register. Registration is free. Then just click on the list a job tab and follow the directions. Listing a job costs $5 and is visible only to lawyers, so other users will not see your job post. Even so, we ask that you not include real names of individuals or places or confidential information.

If I give you my email address, will I constantly receive newsletters or spam emails from your company?

You will never receive newsletters, marketing emails or emails not directly related to your service from if you choose not to. All you need to do is simply click on the Unsubscribe from Newsletters link at the bottom of such emails from

Is it possible for a lawyer to have been sanctioned but that sanction not show in their profile or reflected in their badge?

Yes, in some cases. That’s why it’s important you contact us if you know of such sanctions.

How does protect private information?

At, your privacy is our top priority. To learn how we protect your confidential and private information, please read our Privacy Policy.

How often do you update information in a lawyer’s profile?

While we try to maintain the most accurate and updated information for lawyers’ profiles, our information can only be as current as that of our sources, such as state Bar Associations. checks its verified layers annually to make sure they continue to meet the standards for verified status. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information to our users. If you find information in a lawyer’s profile you feel is incorrect, please contact us. If you are a lawyer who finds inaccurate or out of date information in your profile, contact us and we will update it for free.

Where do you get the information about lawyers that you post in their profiles?

Information on lawyers comes from a variety of sources including state Bar Associations, court information, lawyers’ websites and from information provided directly to by the lawyers themselves. We then compile that information and provide it to users as a convenient one-stop source, saving them time wasted browsing and searching for that information on their own. While the credentials of each of our verified lawyers have been checked, not all information from all sources can be independently verified. If you believe you have found incorrect information in a lawyer’s profile, please contact us. Our goal is to ensure our information is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

What is is an independent source of reliable information on hundreds of thousands of lawyers from different locations and with different legal specialties. With, you can take your time in the privacy of your home or office to make an informed selection of lawyers best able to meet your unique needs. Read detailed information on each attorney, check their prices, see how highly they rate and read reviews and feedback from their clients. Plus, we offer the unique opportunity to negotiate right on our website, offering jobs and terms to several qualified attorneys and having them compete for your job, meaning you get the best price and terms. You can sort lawyers by specialty, language spoken, rating, state, city or even neighborhood. All U.S. attorneys on our website have been verified to be licensed and in good standing with the judicial system. Lawyers who have Diamond, Platinum or Gold badges have 15, 25, or more than 30 years of experience, respectively, with no complaints or disciplinary actions in the last five years of practice.

What is the advantage for me as a lawyer to be represented on

We are active in the United States, Canada, Russia and the Ukraine. Thousands of users visit our website with just one goal – to choose a lawyer. With our advanced search features, our users are able to locate qualified lawyers in their area who offer the specialized services they need. allows you to tap into this ready-made stream of clients and to enjoy the benefits of our dedicated advertising campaigns in print, broadcast and online. Since our success depends on yours, we want you to be fully satisfied and getting the work you need to grow and maximize your legal and profit potential.

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