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Too much time and not enough work? Like to pick and choose the cases you decide you take? Our Job Listings let you pick and choose the cases and clients you work with – at a rate of pay you’re happy with
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Classified Ads
With Classified Ads it’s fast and easy to get connected with our online community of lawyers. Network to find consulting attorneys with different areas of expertise, share your own expertise with others, offer tips, advice and more.
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Questions & Answers
Providing simple answers to simple questions in our Question & Answer section can have a powerful impact on your bottom line by establishing you as the go-to expert in your legal specialty.
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Personal Webpage
Even if you already have a website, our personal webpage option offers an affordable way to quickly and easily expand your web presence and boost your search engine ranking. Great as a primary website, too.
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Be Found
Simply register, complete your profile and we’ll do the rest. Our marketing strategies and advertising dollars mean you’ll enjoy increased exposure and SEO benefits.
There’s room at the top
Advokat’s Top 10
For many of our users, it’s not a matter of how expensive you are, but how good you are. Find out how easy and affordable it can be to tap into this potentially lucrative market of clients.
Talking it over
Attorney Forum
Need some advice? Got some advice to share? Our free Lawyers’ Forum section allows you discuss any topic with a large community of lawyers.
your own webpage
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